Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coming into the home stretch... to D-Day!

Well, it's been a pretty long time since I've added anything new to this blog but here is our family update...

Jacob is really talking these days! He is doing really well and missing his sisters while they are gone at school.

Emma is loving kindergarten! She goes 3 days a week and even gets to ride the bus! She has Tuesday and Thursday off so she still gets to participate in some of the MOMS club activities like playgroup. (I've taken on the position of President of the chapter and have kept pretty busy with it!) Her birthday is coming up on Saturday! I still can't believe that she is going to be 6 already!

Allyssa struggled a little at school for her first month or so but is now starting to get on track. She is in an advanced placement class that is a 4th/5th grade split so she is in class with kids that are older than her. She joined the school Christmas Choir and got a dance part! She also auditioned for and made the district jazz choir which is made up of kids from all the schools from 4th grade to 8th grade. She will also start Basketball in December.

Bill has been really busy at work and putting in quite a bit of overtime! He also is taking another class this fall which will be done right after the baby is born.

And as for the baby... my C-section has been scheduled for Monday December 7th. I now have just over 5 weeks to go! We've started getting the nursery ready to go. The baby will be sharing a room with Allyssa. Emma and Jake are now sharing a room which Jake seems pretty happy about! We've settled on a name... Isabella Grace (Bella). The pregnancy has been going well although I do have to go in for an ultrasound tomorrow. The doctor is concerned about problems with scar tissue from the other 3 C-sections so the ultrasound is just to see what they should expect. We also have a tour of the hospital scheduled for next week. I am delivering at Providence Hospital in Everett which seems to have a pretty nice set up (and private rooms, YEAH!)