Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July

While we spent most of our weekend lighting fireworks and grilling with friends and neighbors at our new home, we did have a sad afternoon on Saturday. We went to our previous next door neighbor Gary and Diane's house to drop off some chairs that we were loaning them. His mother passed away and they were expecting lots of people at the house Monday and Tuesday after the memorial. While we were there her son heard a noise over his room and came out to check it out only to discover that their roof was on fire. The neighbor called 911, Bill moved the cars from the driveway and the family got themselves and the pets out of the house. The fire department was there within a few minutes but the fire had already spread across the wood shingle roof. We've had very little rain this summer and everything is so dry. It took a couple hours before the fire was finally put out but the house is a total loss. It was great to see our neighbors (well, former neighbors) come together to help out. Some brought food and drinks and so many gave the family their phone numbers offering any help that was needed. The Red Cross was there to help out and their family also arrived to help. We are keeping them in our prayers and hope that you can add them to yours as well.
We drove the kids by the house today to show them how dangerous Fireworks can be if not handled properly and why some fireworks are not even legal. This fire was determined to be started by Fireworks.

Here are some pics of the fire. The house to the left is the one we just moved out of 2 weeks ago. Fortunately, the Fire Department was able to contain the fire so that it didn't spread to any of the surrounding houses!