Monday, April 27, 2009

I don't have too many picture of me with all three kids so I just really wanted to post this one. It was taken when we went to the beach on Whidby Island.

Spring has sprung!

Flowers and trees are blooming and the school year is creeping up to the end! Emma will be done on May 22nd and Allyssa will be done on June 16th. Summer is on it's way and we have been busy. Our summer is looking to be even busier!

In June we will have my niece coming out to visit for a couple of weeks. While she is here we will be moving into a new home! We also will be getting a visit from Laura while she is out west for the LWML Convention. In July my parents will be coming out for a couple of weeks. And Bill's parents will then be coming in September.

We had a nice family Easter at home this year and we also recently celebrated Jacob's 2nd Birthday. He got a "Cars" bike helmet that he is already very attached to and wears as often as I let him. All three kids are growing like weeds! Allyssa finished up her basketball season and is now playing volleyball. Emma and Jake and I are still very involved in the MOMS Club and have playgroup every week.

We also have lots of planning to do as we're going to have a new addition in early December. I estimate my due date to be about December 12th but I haven't had my doctors appointment yet to confirm that. I am scheduled for May 13th.