Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coming into the home stretch... to D-Day!

Well, it's been a pretty long time since I've added anything new to this blog but here is our family update...

Jacob is really talking these days! He is doing really well and missing his sisters while they are gone at school.

Emma is loving kindergarten! She goes 3 days a week and even gets to ride the bus! She has Tuesday and Thursday off so she still gets to participate in some of the MOMS club activities like playgroup. (I've taken on the position of President of the chapter and have kept pretty busy with it!) Her birthday is coming up on Saturday! I still can't believe that she is going to be 6 already!

Allyssa struggled a little at school for her first month or so but is now starting to get on track. She is in an advanced placement class that is a 4th/5th grade split so she is in class with kids that are older than her. She joined the school Christmas Choir and got a dance part! She also auditioned for and made the district jazz choir which is made up of kids from all the schools from 4th grade to 8th grade. She will also start Basketball in December.

Bill has been really busy at work and putting in quite a bit of overtime! He also is taking another class this fall which will be done right after the baby is born.

And as for the baby... my C-section has been scheduled for Monday December 7th. I now have just over 5 weeks to go! We've started getting the nursery ready to go. The baby will be sharing a room with Allyssa. Emma and Jake are now sharing a room which Jake seems pretty happy about! We've settled on a name... Isabella Grace (Bella). The pregnancy has been going well although I do have to go in for an ultrasound tomorrow. The doctor is concerned about problems with scar tissue from the other 3 C-sections so the ultrasound is just to see what they should expect. We also have a tour of the hospital scheduled for next week. I am delivering at Providence Hospital in Everett which seems to have a pretty nice set up (and private rooms, YEAH!)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July

While we spent most of our weekend lighting fireworks and grilling with friends and neighbors at our new home, we did have a sad afternoon on Saturday. We went to our previous next door neighbor Gary and Diane's house to drop off some chairs that we were loaning them. His mother passed away and they were expecting lots of people at the house Monday and Tuesday after the memorial. While we were there her son heard a noise over his room and came out to check it out only to discover that their roof was on fire. The neighbor called 911, Bill moved the cars from the driveway and the family got themselves and the pets out of the house. The fire department was there within a few minutes but the fire had already spread across the wood shingle roof. We've had very little rain this summer and everything is so dry. It took a couple hours before the fire was finally put out but the house is a total loss. It was great to see our neighbors (well, former neighbors) come together to help out. Some brought food and drinks and so many gave the family their phone numbers offering any help that was needed. The Red Cross was there to help out and their family also arrived to help. We are keeping them in our prayers and hope that you can add them to yours as well.
We drove the kids by the house today to show them how dangerous Fireworks can be if not handled properly and why some fireworks are not even legal. This fire was determined to be started by Fireworks.

Here are some pics of the fire. The house to the left is the one we just moved out of 2 weeks ago. Fortunately, the Fire Department was able to contain the fire so that it didn't spread to any of the surrounding houses!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goodbye Training Wheels!

The training wheels came off of Emma's bike this week and she has taken to 2 wheels like a pro! I was a little concerned considering how much trouble she has with balance just when she walks. But she has mastered he bike with ease!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June has arrived! Here comes summer!

It's been another busy spring for us. It's hard to believe that this time last year we were on the road and on our way out here to Washington! The time sure does fly by!

The weather has been beautiful here lately. It's been in the 70's and even in the 80's and it's been dry and sunny. The kids have been spending as much time as possible outside and at the parks.

Emma graduated from preschool on May 22nd. They has a nice little program followed by cookies and juice. She was sad to say goodbye to all her friends though. Only one will be attending the same school that she will next year. She is already getting excited, and scared, about stating kindergarten in the fall!

Allyssa is wrapping up her last couple weeks in school. She will be done on the 16th of June. She is also wrapping up her volleyball season. Her last regular game is this Saturday and there will be a tournament next Saturday. Also, next week, she will be having her end of the year party for Girl Scouts where she will be bridging from a Brownie to a Junior Girl Scout!

Jake is growing like a weed! He's really starting to talk and he's such a ham! He's really been enjoying this weather as well. We have to keep the doorwall locked or we'll find him out in the backyard, as we have quite often.

My pregnancy is going well. I am finishing up my first trimester and starting to feel pretty human! I'm even getting some of my energy back! My doctor's appointment confirmed my December 12th due date and all looked good in the ultrasound.

Bill has been working extra hard. Besides putting in some overtime at work he's been hauling stuff from one house to the next for the last week. The landlord of our new home has allowed us to move things into the garage and pile it up. I can't lift anything so Bill has been doing almost all of the work! We officially move into the new house on June 20th. We are so excited! Bill is also finishing up another semester of school next week and starts the summer semester right after that. Fortunately he is only taking one class per semester, so we still get to see him!

Well, summer promises to be busy as well. We have house guests coming in June and July. And I'm sure we'll be busy unpacking and getting settled into the new house.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The end of Preschool for Emma

Emma is in her last week of preschool. Friday is her last day and they will be putting on a little program for the parents. She'll be sad to say goodbye to all her new friends but she is already excited to be starting Kindergarten in the fall!

Here is a picture of her latest artwork "Emma's Family". (I added the names)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jake - Roller Skating

On Wednesday the MOMS club met up at the skating rink for "Tiny Tots Skate". I decided to let Jake try it out for the first time and he did great! He started out holding both hands. Then he decided that he only needed one hand. Not long after he wouldn't even let me hold his hand. He even figured out how to get back up on his feet after he fell. It was so much fun! I posted a short video on YouTube... You'll probably need to copy and paste the URL to view it. I couldn't get the link to work properly.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We're moving! In June we will be moving to a new home. It is a beautiful home that is still in Marysville but on the north-west side of town and in a different school district (Lakewood). We have some pictures that were taken by the owner and hope to have lots more once we start the move.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I don't have too many picture of me with all three kids so I just really wanted to post this one. It was taken when we went to the beach on Whidby Island.

Spring has sprung!

Flowers and trees are blooming and the school year is creeping up to the end! Emma will be done on May 22nd and Allyssa will be done on June 16th. Summer is on it's way and we have been busy. Our summer is looking to be even busier!

In June we will have my niece coming out to visit for a couple of weeks. While she is here we will be moving into a new home! We also will be getting a visit from Laura while she is out west for the LWML Convention. In July my parents will be coming out for a couple of weeks. And Bill's parents will then be coming in September.

We had a nice family Easter at home this year and we also recently celebrated Jacob's 2nd Birthday. He got a "Cars" bike helmet that he is already very attached to and wears as often as I let him. All three kids are growing like weeds! Allyssa finished up her basketball season and is now playing volleyball. Emma and Jake and I are still very involved in the MOMS Club and have playgroup every week.

We also have lots of planning to do as we're going to have a new addition in early December. I estimate my due date to be about December 12th but I haven't had my doctors appointment yet to confirm that. I am scheduled for May 13th.